Seconds ago I realized the small Ethiopian guy thought there might be a robbery or theft, he definitely heard conflict and saw it in our eyes, our walks(?), or heard it in our voices. Cuzz made a bad decision. He could have gone for two tall cans of coke for two bucks, instead, he went for one bottle, after YoungCuzz vocalized the sale to us. a$$..

I entered the 711 last. Guy said bathrooms were out of service. I looked at him suspiciously. I think I asked him suspiciously. Definitely through wording. Tone? Maybe. I don’t remember.

Nevermind. Point is, we maybe scared him. There was a second worker, but he walked to the back office or refrigerator with goods. In the end it looked like I was watching the door with Cuzz paying guy, and YoungCuzz stealing. (Sorry Ethiopian guy)

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wooow, looook at thha coost
(check check out the cost)
you wanna be boss
leave ur sauce, dont stay indoors
did you try flipping the dots?
pointy swastikas from singapore soared
the pink was the source

rows rows rows rows

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Take it, take it slow
Take it, like you know

I couldn’t help them
Plus ten fold
Who has weapons
Run control

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here to takethetown
here to rubthebrown

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under the skin

good movie

good technique

good ideas

funhouse. i was thrilled.  i thought about bowie, kubrick (ugh), and lynch..most of all i thought about myself…

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